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Testing Services

As a major supplier of marine interior communication equipment, Dynalec Corporation maintains a unique testing laboratory which includes environmental, shock, vibration, and acoustic test equipment. Product evaluation is carried out in accordance with military specifications, or with the individual requirements of the customer in mind. All Dynalec test equipment is well maintained; calibration is directly traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

Dynalec's facilities are available for evaluating your existing products as well as new product designs. Dynalec technicians will supervise and conduct the actual tests in cooperation with your technical staff. At the completion of testing a formal report will be furnished, if you so desire. All work is done on a fee basis.

Environmental Testing (including MIL-STD-810 temperature and humidity testing)

Environmental simulation tests are performed in a temperature and humidity chamber. Temperature conditions can be controlled from -40 to 200 degrees F and relative humidity conditions from 15% to 99%. Programming is available to vary both humidity and temperature cycles to suit your needs. Ports in the chamber wall accommodate electrical hookups, power takeoffs, and air hoses thereby making it possible to determine the operational performance of the equipment being subjected to various environmental conditions.


Vibration Testing

Low frequency (4 to 55Hz) harmonic vibration testing for specimens weighing up to 1000 lbs is performed on a vibration table 48 inches square. Various amplitudes of vibration and acceleration can be selected to meet your requirements. Complete MIL-STD-167-1 test capability is available. Fixturing for mounting the test item on the vibration table is also provided.

Shock Testing

A lightweight, high-impact shock machine built to Bureau of Ships Plan 10-T-2145-L and in accordance with military specification MIL-S-901C is available for testing your product. The only limitations are the maximum weight of the test item (less fixturing) must not exceed 250 pounds and the specimen must be able to be secured to the anvil plate of the shock test machine. Fixturing to adapt the test item to the shock machine is provided.

Acoustic Testing

Dynalec maintains an anechoic chamber which simulates free field conditions such that the inverse pressure versus the distance law holds within 1dB at all frequencies at which measurements are made. Audio generating equipment is available for acoustic and electrical evaluation of loudspeakers, microphones, and similar devices.


Wind Tunnel Testing

A calibrated wind tunnel traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is used to generate and measure air speeds from 0 to 5,000 feet per minute (FPM).

Water Tightness Testing

Our salt spray chamber provides MIL-STD-810 enclosure testing, including verification of spray and water tightness.



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