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Intercom Systems

Intercom Station: LS-518/519
Dynalec part #61690-600/61690-700

Download Intercom Station: LS-518/519 PDF Product Datasheet [89K]


  • Capable of providing two way communication with up to 10 other intercommunication stations (LS-518D/SIC) or up to 20 other units (LS-519E/SIC).
  • May be used in Handsfree or Press-To-Talk modes.
  • Contains talk-listen loudspeaker. Other input and output devices can be used.
  • Has front panel receptacle for M-132/SIC microphone or H-186A/U handset.
  • Solid state electronic switching keypad.
  • 10-watt amplifier capable of driving five selected station loudspeakers simultaneously to 99dB sound pressure at two (2) feet. When more than five stations are called, the output is reduced.
  • Suitable for operation in 21MC and similar intercommunication circuits.
  • Master Station is designed for mounting on a bulkhead, in a panel, in a desk and is suitable for shipboard installation in protected areas. When the Master Station has to be used in unprotected areas, the Watertight Enclosure (Dynalec Part 61690-220) is recommended.
  • Enclosure is aluminum and drip-proof in accordance with MIL-I-983E.

Dynalec part #702019-267 IC/D Call Signal Station

Download Instruction Sheet for IC/D Call Signal Station PDF [1.0M]


The IC/D Call-Signal Station (Dynalec Corporation part number 702019-267) is sound powered intercommunication equipment designed for shipboard installation. The IC/D station enables two-way net communication with up to sixteen other IC/D stations. This unit contains a hand operated magneto generator which when operated activates a howler or call-signal light at the selected station.


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