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IC Switchboards

Combat control switchboards incorporate linear slide switches and panel-mounted assemblies. Alarm switchboards and detectors include the Navy's only MIL-specified and ruggedized fire-detection system.

Main IC Switchboards No.1 and No.2
Dynalec part #66729-000 and 66730-000

Download Main IC Switchboards No.1 and No.2 PDF Product Datasheet [246K]


  • Designed to distribute, protect and switch data and power to various equipment as required.
  • Switching is accomplished via individual rotary, snap and linear slide switches.
  • The enclosure is constructed of high strength aluminum and designed for bulk head mounting.
  • Hinged front panel can be opened and locked in any position between 0 and 130 degrees for access and maintenance.
  • Switchboards are designed for cable entry through a removable cable entrance plate located on the bottom of the cabinet.

Linear Switches & Switching Equipment

Download Linear Switches & Switching Equipment PDF Product Datasheet [4.8M]


The new Navy Switchboards serve key functions in their operating systems on board combatant vessels. They provide power, amplify signals, route data from various data collecting systems for navigation or fire control of missiles and guns. Where computers are involved, the Computer Switching Control Panel gives command the option of selecting computers and routing of data to the peripheral equipment.


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