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Please be aware of fraudulent purchase orders or requests for quotes. Our domain name is dynalec.com. Email requests from any other domain, e.g.dynalecorporation.com or dynalecorp.com, should be considered fraudulent. Any written or typed requests listing a Dynalec contact phone number other than 315-483-6923 should be considered fraudulent.

If you have any questions please call us at 315-483-6923 or email us at sales@dynalec.com.

Dynalec Corporation is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of shipboard systems
for communication, navigation and switching.
We build high-quality, standard and custom products for military and commercial use, including sound powered telephones.
Dynalec designs and manufactures equipment
that will stand up to the rigors of the shipboard environment. All equipment is verified in our complete environmental test lab. Whether your production run is 10 or 10,000, Dynalec welcomes your product development challenges!

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Dynalec Corporation, 87 West Main Street , Sodus, NY 14551
+1 315.483.6923
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